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Bo Diddley Pet Art
Bo Diddley Framed Art
Gina Hyams
Ri & Maddy created an absolutely delightful and poignant portrait of our Mexican rescue puppy, Bo Diddley. Our colorful casa in San Miguel de Allende doesn't actually have a view of the Paroquia, but it's fitting that they put the church outside the window to give the piece a sense of place. I feel like wherever we go in the future, this unique piece of art will serve as both a reminder of our sweet years in Mexico and of our beloved dog's heritage. 
 Project Maxie Pet Art
Julie Bauer
When I tearfully said Goodbye to my sweet Maxine, I was crushed. But, Beneath the Fur was able to capture the exact essence of my memories. She is now hanging in my living room with her nemesis - a squirrel - floating on a cloud. She is literally in heaven and makes me smile. Beneath the Fur is able to find that special connection between you and your beloved pet and capture that with a sense of humor and unexpected flair.
Julia Markus
I am thrilled with the print I received and will frame and hang it with the best of art on my walls. It is gorgeous. The most artistic and funny work of Art ever.  You two are The 21st century’s Rosa Bonheur!
Mark Bastian & Rodd Rodriguez

We were so surprised and thrilled when Maddie and Ri presented to us their rendition of Our Charlie in Drag.  We love how fabulous Charlie looks in the photo all dressed up so beautifully.  Maddie & Ri brought so much joy and sweetness into this photo, it is one of a kind!

Maddie  & Ri of Beneath The Fur Pet Art have such a creative vision on bringing the personality of your pet to the surface. We highly recommend you check them out!