Our Story.

Maddy is a culinary professional, animal lover and photographer who recently left her New York restaurant career to relocate to a small colonial town in Mexico. Ri is a long term resident of San Miguel, where she has been raising her daughters and working as a visual artist, master printer, Photoshop aficionado and aerialist since 2005.


The two women met when Maddy wanted to create a memorable and unique wedding gift for her niece, whose second passion beyond her new husband was her cat Nala. Nala was named for a character in The Lion King, and Maddy wanted to place her niece’s snapshot of the cat into a jungle background to capture her lioness personality. 

Ri, whose artwork is based on putting her daughters and herself into fantastical scenarios, was delighted to collaborate with Maddy and put her technical talent to work in a fun new direction.  


Nala’s outsized personality was captured in a jungle setting and Maddy’s niece was thrilled with the art work that originated from one of her snapshots. Maddy and Ri were also thrilled with the result and were inspired to work together transforming pet snapshots into customized works of art that capture the unique personality & relationship between pet & parent. 


From this joyful realization a partnership was formed and Beneath The Fur was born.

Our Team.

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